If you’re one of the 80 percent of men and women in the United States with low back pain, you may have missed days from work or curtailed your activities due to pain or disability. Chad Mathey, DC, a caring, experienced chiropractor at Crown Medical Center in Huntsville, gets to the root of your low back pain so you can enjoy life again. Call the friendly staff at Crown Medical Center today or set up an appointment online.

Low Back Pain Q & A

Why do I have low back pain?

Your lumbar spine, more commonly referred to as your lower back, is responsible for holding about half of your body weight. All of that pressure can affect the structures that allow you to stand erect, walk, run, and carry out your daily activities. Your lower back pain could be caused by a variety of injuries or conditions, including:

  • Sprained ligaments
  • Strained tendons
  • Herniated or slipped disc
  • Misaligned spine
  • Skeletal or spinal irregularities
  • Pulled muscles
  • Sciatica
  • Osteoporosis

More rarely, tumors or kidney disease can cause low back pain.

What are the risk factors for low back pain?

Although anyone can injure their back, you’re more likely to have low back pain if you’re overweight or obese, because of the extra weight on your spine. Aging, pregnancy, and smoking raise your risk for low back pain. Doing manual labor or heavy lifting as part of your job increases your chances for developing low back pain.

What’s the difference between acute back pain and chronic back pain?

Acute pain occurs at the time of an injury, or shortly thereafter. Most acute pain resolves within days to weeks. However, if your pain is severe, impairs your mobility, or isn’t controlled with rest or over-the-counter pain medications, you should contact Back Pain Relief Chiropractic.

If your pain lasts 4-12 weeks, you have subacute back pain. When your pain continues for 12 weeks or more, you’re considered to have chronic low back pain. Dr. Mathey treats all stages of back pain.

How does a chiropractor treat low back pain?

The goal in chiropractic medicine is to align your spine to a healthy position. An aligned spine supports all of your organs and your body’s processes, and allows lymph and blood to flow freely through your body to stimulate healing. Chiropractic treatments just don’t mask your low back pain, they help heal it.

Depending on the causes of your low back pain, Dr. Mathey may recommend one or more supportive therapies to help you heal, including spinal manipulations, spinal compression, and massage. He may also recommend physical therapy so that you can strengthen your core muscles that support your spine and regain pain-free mobility.

To set up a consultation to discuss your low back pain, use the Crown Medical Center contact form, or just phone the helpful staff.