How Regular Chiropractic Care Can Prevent Injury

Athletes and other active people tend to have more significant wear and stress in both their spine and in other joints in the body. This is why, unfortunately, sports injuries aren’t uncommon and why so many people are looking for pain and stress relief — conventionally or alternatively. It’s interesting to note that, according to WebMD, most people looking for alternative methods of back pain relief choose chiropractic treatment. What’s even more interesting is learning that regular chiropractic care can prevent injury from occurring in the first place.

At Crown Medical Center in Huntsville, Alabama, Dr. Chad Mathey helps patients achieve optimal health to enjoy an active and fulfilling life. By using non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical alternatives to traditional treatments, Dr. Mathey helps you relieve neck and back pain, arthritis pain, and more.


The alignment of your spine helps keep your muscles balanced on both sides of your body. This is essential for all active people, not just athletes, because proper muscle stability offers the highest performance with the lowest risk of injury.

Any time you begin a new sport or exercise routine, it’s important to visit a chiropractor to determine how you can best prevent injury while staying active.

Range of motion

Your range of motion is an essential part of being able to get up and move. Joints have to move freely to complete daily activities from brushing your teeth to sitting down. Your range of motion is even more important when playing sports or exercising. When you have a limited range of motion in your spine, it not only can slow you down, but it can also lead to injury.

Problems with your spine can lead to conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, and even headaches. Spinal alignment is crucial for free and comfortable range of motion.

Boost immunity

Preventing illness is another way regular chiropractic care prevents injury. The healthier you are, the easier your body fights off viruses and bacteria without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Your nervous system controls all the functions of your organs, tissues, and cells in your body, and your nervous system is linked to your immune system. That means a misaligned spine can reduce the effectiveness of your defense system by blocking the nerves that synchronize the normal operation of your immune system. A chiropractic adjustment improves these critical connections and provides a faster immune response.


Flexibility and stretching improve your range of motion, boost your athletic performance, and prevent injury. Increasing flexibility improves balance and prevents falls, which helps when you make unexpected, quick body movements. Increased flexibility also allows your muscles to work effectively, preventing damage. In addition, stretching and enhanced flexibility offsets muscle soreness, giving your body time to relax and recover after a strenuous workout.

Dr. Mathey provides manipulations and spinal adjustments that reorient joints and bones in a way that reduces pain, restores mobility, and increases flexibility.

Are you ready to boost your immunity and flexibility? Call Crown Medical Center at (256) 489-2890 or use our convenient online scheduling tool to make an appointment with Dr. Mathey today.

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